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MicroPond® Kit 6'x8' (500 Gallons)

500 gallon pond kit contains MicroSkim, MicroFalls Filter, AquaSurge 2000 pump, 10' x 12' pond liner, underlayment, 25' of 1 1/2" kink-free hose and all necessary fittings and silicone sealant.

Manufacturer: Aquascape Inc

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Aquascape pond kits take the guesswork out of trying to assemble the perfect combination of equipment and liner to create a stunning water garden. The only thing that is missing in this kit is rock, plants and a little imagination.

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MicroPond® Kit 6'x8' (500 Gallons)
-Skimmer: MicroSkim®
-Biological Filter: MicroFalls®
-Pump: AquaSurge™ 2000
-Hose: 25 ft. of 1 1/2" kink-free hose
-Liner: 45 mil fish safe
-Underlayment: Geotextile underlayment
-Components: All necessary fittings and sealants
-Capacity: 500 Gal
-Weight: 87 lbs.

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