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Large Pondless Kit w/26' Stream and AquaSurge Pro 4000-8000

Our largest pre-packaged Large Pondless® Waterfall Kit uses the Pondless Vault with the Vault Extension allowing you to store more water and create longer stream and waterfall runs.

Medium Pondless Kit w/16' Stream & AquaSurge Pro 2000-4000

Have the flexibility to create longer waterfalls and streams with the Medium Pondless Waterfall Kit. Includes a stream liner long enough for you to install up to a 16' stream and waterfall.

Small Pondless Kit w/6' Stream & AquaSurge Pro 2000-4000

Provide the sight and sound of cascading water into any landscape setting with our small entry-level professional Pondless Waterfall Kit. Includes enough liner to create a short 6' waterfalls and stream.


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