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Why is My Pond is Green?

As a disclaimer, all ponds are different and the following information may vary from pond to pond.

The Overview

In general, a pond will turn pea soup green due to: inadequate filtration, lack of aeration, unbalanced water chemistry, not enough plant life, too many fish, lack of general maintenance, improper climate (ie full sun), and/or deficient good bacteria.

Inadequate Filtration

Wether your buying a professional pond kit or piecemealing your pond together; homeowners often make the mistake of skimping on the important stuff.
You should never undercut the pump size and filtration.
We recommend turning over your pond water three times per hour, meaning if you have a 1,000 gallon pond, you should have a 3,000 gph pump. I recommend doubling your ponds filter; for a 1000 gallon pond, you should have a filter rated for 2000 gallons. I cannot stress this enough. The two things you should never skimp on are the pump and filter.


Why is My Pond is Green?Why is My Pond is Green?


Pond Installation

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We specialize in building professional grade, natural looking ponds and waterfalls. We use the Aquascape product line to build our ponds.

How Does a Pond Work?

We use a 45 mil EDPM liner and geotextile underlayment as the base of the pond. The liner allows the pond to hold water while the underlayment protects the liner from getting punctured. We will install a pond skimmer which collects any floating debris and houses the pump. Water from the pond is pulled into the skimmer and pumped up a pipe to the waterfall and into the biofalls (filter). The biofalls is a box filled with filter media; water enters from the bottom and moves up through the filter media before spilling out into the waterfall. (In the first photo, the...

Pond InstallationPond InstallationPond InstallationPond Installation


Natural Ponds and Lakes - Fountains, Aeration, and Water Treatments

Natural Ponds and Lakes - Fountains, Aeration, and Water TreatmentsNatural Ponds and Lakes - Fountains, Aeration, and Water Treatments