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Aqua Scapes of CT
Aqua Scapes of CT
Aqua Scapes of CT

FREE BABY KOI - May 8th and 9th

We are fully stocked with koi, goldfish, and aquatic plants (water lilies, marginals, and water hyacinth).

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Take a walk through the Aquascape catalog to get a scope of all of the pond supplies and products that we offer.

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We sell pond supplies, koi, goldfish, and aquatic plants at our farm in Portland, CT. We install, service, maintain and fix ponds, waterfalls, and water features.

Portland, CT

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Service Charge - We charge a service fee of $90 for the first 5 miles from our store in Portland, CT. We charge an additional $10 per 5 miles of travel distance; meaning if you live 15 miles away, you will be charged a $120 service call fee.

Labor Rate - We charge $90 per hour for each employee, meaning 2 employee for 1 hour is $180.

Consultation - For customers receiving a consultation, there is a charge of $100 to $200 depending on travel time.

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How Should We Fill Your Water Feature?

If you are not home, would you like us to fill your water feature completely, leave it empty, or enough to safely hold the fish? You will be charged for the time it takes to fill the water feature.

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Product Checklist

What products do you want us to bring? These items will be installed during your service or left for you. Your invoice will include charges for these products.

pond detoxifierbeneficial bacteriabarley balecarbonpond saltsludge removerRapid Clearalgaecide (liquid)algaecide (powder)fish food (color enhancing)fish food (mixed)fish food (cold water)fish medicationaquatic plant fertilizerskimmer net/basketskimmer filter matBioFalls filter matsnew pumplighting productsIonGen productsUV productsdosing system productscold water beneficial bacteria2-stone aerator4-stone aeratorde-icerprotective nettingpond thermometer

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When do you want to schedule your service/consultation? We do not guarantee specific dates/times, but will try our best. Feel free to answer in the following manner: Specific Date, ASAP, Late March, Early October, No Preference

Anything Else We Should Know?

Estimated Service - 3 Weeks

We currently have 73 Open Service Call Requests. Your estimated date of service is 3 weeks from today. Please note, this information is automatically generated and may be inaccurate. We schedule based on location; if we have multiple signs up near you, we will likely get to you sooner.

Make sure your outside water spigot is ON if you are requesting pond cleaning. If your appointment was confirmed and your water is OFF when we arrive, you will be charged a service fee.
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