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Pond Plants 101: How to Plant Your Pond | Aqua Scapes of CT

Pond Plants 101: How to Plant Your Pond


As a disclaimer, we are located in Zone 6, so some of the following information might not apply to everyone. These are aquatic plants we like planting in our ponds and on our installations.

Pot or No Pot?

If you have a gravel bottom pond, plant your aquatic plants directly in the gravel. Take the plant out of the pot, rinse off any soil, and plant directly in the gravel. Use large boulders to stabilize taller plants while preventing koi from pulling them out. If you have a liner/preform pond, keep your aquatic plants in pots. For best results, propagate and replant every 2 years; else the plant will become stunted (esp water lilies). Fertilize for optimum growth.


You should plant your aquatic plants in a dense soil, often mixing sand into the substrate. You want a soil that is dense enough to sink, but light enough to encourage root growth. Never use potting soil or soil treated with unfamiliar chemicals (esp if you have fish). Any natural compost mixed with an aquatic plant media or fertilizer will suffice. If that’s not an option, plant your aquatic plants directly in pea gravel. As long as the roots remain moist and the plant gets adequate sunlight, it will grow.

Perennial (hardy) Aquatic Plants (Zone 6):

The following are plants we recommend planting in your pond. These plants have been proven hardy to Zone 6 and would make a great addition to any pond.
- Hardy Water Lilies (White, Yellow, Peach, Red, Purple)
- Variegated Sweet Flag
- Water Iris (excluding Yellow Flag Iris)
- Bog Bean
- Mare's Tail
- Lizard's Tail
- Arrowhead (Sagittarius and Arrum)
- Marsh Marigold
- Variegated Cattail
- Mini Cattail
- Corkscrew Rush
- Zebra Rush
- Horsetail
- Pickrell (White and Purple)
- Creeping Jenny (Green or Yellow)
- Hardy Water Lotus

Annual (tropical) Aquatic Plants:

The following plants are annuals, but are a must for any pond.
- Water Hyacinth (Florida and Dwarf)
- Water Lettuce
- Tropical Water Lilies (Day Blooming)
- Bronze Canna

Pond Plants 101: How to Plant Your PondPond Plants 101: How to Plant Your PondPond Plants 101: How to Plant Your PondPond Plants 101: How to Plant Your PondPond Plants 101: How to Plant Your PondPond Plants 101: How to Plant Your Pond



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