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Maintenance Services - Ponds and Waterfalls | Aqua Scapes of CT

Maintenance Services - Ponds and Waterfalls

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Did you purchase a house with a pond and have no idea how to care for it? Or maybe you have a pond that that loses water constantly. Is your pond always pea soup green? Or are predators eating all of your fish? Well we are here to help. We offer a range of services to help keep your water feature happy and healthy all year long.

It is important to maintain your water feature to prevent a buildup of debris and nutrients which cause algae blooms, poor water quality, and can harm your fish. Do not wait for a problem to arise, prevent it and sign up for a service today.

Spring Pond Cleaning

We will fix/replace any products that have deteriorated/broke (ie Filter Mats, LED Lights, IonGen parts, Check Valves). We like to add carbon and barley bales to help ease spring maintenance. For ponds with fish, we will add detox to condition the water and salt (optional) to heal fish. You will be charged for additional products we use. This is how we clean a pond:

- Drain Pond
- Remove & Store Fish
- Clean Filters
- Remove Any Debris (leaf debris, muck, algae)
- Powerwash Rocks & Gravel
- Rinse Pond
- Put Pond Back Together (rebuild rock walls and hide exposed liner)
- Start to Fill Pond
- Add Detoxifier
- Put Fish Back

Fall Pond Netting

We will trim back your aquatic plants, clean out your filters, remove your pump(s), and net your pond or pondless waterfall to help keep out falling leaf debris. Netting your pond can also help keep unwanted critters and the dreaded heron from feasting on your fish.

In addition to netting, we also have aerators and de-icers for sale which will keep a hole in the ice for proper gas exchange; a necessity here in New England for aquatic wildlife.

Other Maintenance Services

- General Maintenance
- Winterization
- Losing Water/Leak
- Product Malfunction
- Sick/Dying Fish

Pictured - Sara Della Rocco, Gavin Sullivan, Tucker Rozevink

Maintenance Services - Ponds and WaterfallsMaintenance Services - Ponds and WaterfallsMaintenance Services - Ponds and WaterfallsMaintenance Services - Ponds and WaterfallsMaintenance Services - Ponds and WaterfallsMaintenance Services - Ponds and Waterfalls



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