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Pond Installation

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We specialize in building professional grade, natural looking ponds and waterfalls. We use the Aquascape product line to build our ponds.

How Does a Pond Work?

We use a 45 mil EDPM liner and geotextile underlayment as the base of the pond. The liner allows the pond to hold water while the underlayment protects the liner from getting punctured. We will install a pond skimmer which collects any floating debris and houses the pump. Water from the pond is pulled into the skimmer and pumped up a pipe to the waterfall and into the biofalls (filter). The biofalls is a box filled with filter media; water enters from the bottom and moves up through the filter media before spilling out into the waterfall. (In the first photo, the skimmer is on the left and biofalls is on the right.)

We rock and gravel all of our ponds which hides the pond liner and hardware while giving the pond a natural look. Rocking in the pond also gives you the ability to plant pond plants directly into the gravel thus avoiding potted plants.

What are the Pond Sizes?

We can build any size pond to fit any landscape or budget, but we generally break them down into the following sizes:

Micro Pond - 4' by 6'
Small Pond - 8' by 11'
Medium Pond - 11' by 16'
Large Pond - 21' by 26'
Extra Large Pond - Any size up to 6000 Square Feet

Will My Pond Have a Waterfall?

All of our pond installs have a waterfall, but waterfall length will vary based on elevation. The ideal location for a pond/waterfall is on a hill with a flat piece of land at the bottom. However, we can build a pond with a waterfall on a flat yard with no hill. Most ponds have a 6' waterfall/stream, but we can build any size waterfall. (Keep in mind, the larger the waterfall, the larger the pond needs to be.)

What Do I Get With a Pond Install?

First, you get a professionally built pond with products from Aquascape Inc. - who is the leading, and most innovating, distributor of pond products in the USA. Secondly, we will install submersible, underwater lighting in your pond and light up each waterfall drop. The lights mean you can enjoy your pond even at night. Third, we will plant your pond with a few starter plants: a water lily, some iris, a few water hyacinth, and some moss. Lastly, all of our installs have a 1 year guarantee, so if there is a problem with your pond we will fix it for free. Your pump has a 3 year warranty, lights have a 5 year warranty, and all other hardware has a limited life time warranty. The pond liner is also designed to last 45 years.

How Much Maintenance Does a Pond Require?

All ponds should be fully cleaned yearly, usually in early Spring. It is also recommended to put a net over the pond in the Fall if your pond is under trees. We do offer both of those services or you can do it yourself. Aside from that, you will have to clean out the skimmer basket weekly (which takes 2 minutes), feed your fish, and enjoy your pond.

What Does a Pond Cost?

As the pond size increases, so does the cost. We do sell the pond kits; you can buy the kit and build it yourself. If you need help along the way, you can hire us to give you a hand.

How Do I Sign Up for a Pond Quote?

Click the button below to sign up for an installation quote. We do charge $100 to $200, depending on travel time, to come out to your house and give you an estimate. You can also email photos of your yard to our email and we will give you a free estimate.

Pond InstallationPond InstallationPond InstallationPond InstallationPond InstallationPond Installation



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  • I have small waterfall and pool. Would like to have it redone. I also had Koi pond for over 20 years. I am in Meriden right off of R91. Do you get down this way for a quote. Or I can send you pictures

    | Jim Devine | Report